Sunday, September 30, 2012

Summer :: Camping with the Wood's! :)

This summer I was also able to go camping with the family.  We went outside Prineville for about a week.  Jon, Cari and the kids were able to come along with us.  It was a great trip!  I love camping!  :)

Cari gathering firewood

Riley's the fire man

Jonny and Charlie

Playing Chess

Bub enjoys some steak

My cute mama  :)

The boys

Riles and I

Bradi and I fell in the creek while I was trying to help her across

More firewood collecting


Gramma gets a lesson in how to shoot


Learning how to play Pinnochle

Dad cooking breakfast

Hand and Foot

Photo By Bradi

Hello dear

Art competition

Dad and I took a little hike to try to get cell phone service so I could make contact with Mary who was moving to Unalaska.  We never did get service.  :(

Dippy, the Dipper :)

My mama and I

Steins Pillars

Trying to play catch-up with the blog.  Will get back on track and will try to keep up with my "one blog entry per week" goal.  Hope all is well with everyone.

Love, Am


  1. Had a GREAT time with you this summer. These photos sure brought back fun memories! Good trip! Very relaxing! Hoping we can eke out some time this next summer and do a little more camping. In the meantime you'd better try and enjoy what nice weather you can up there now....before the 'snow flies!'
    We loved talking with you last night, My Sweet. We're missing our girl, but loving you, oh so much MORE!!!

  2. Those were fantastic photos. That trip looked like soooo much fun. We were able to take two camping trips this with Jess and Matt and one with Chris and Sandy and Britt...very fun times. Makes for great memories. Hugs to you, Amber...

  3. Amber, What wonderful photos. I miss all of you and love to see the pictures you post. Be careful April, you'll shoot your eye out with that Red Ryder!! and Bob what's with the log, you always were an over achiever. Love you all, Nita

  4. Great photos Aunt Am! I miss Ya! Hope you are have a great pre Haloween love Riley