Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Life Lately ... and To make you heart smile! :)

Hi Friends,

I'm more than a little behind with my blog.  My apologies!!  I've been quite busy with Volleyball (coaching and playing), trying to learn the guitar, getting my Scuba Diving certification, chaperoning dances, work, Halloween shenanigans and sleep!  :)  I'll try my very best to get back in the swing of things - 1 new blog a week!  

Writing Prompt:

Q:  What would life be like if everyone lived in space?

"If everyone lived in space they would line in a space shuttle.  Each family would have different rooms.  They would wear shiny clothes.  They boys would wear silver blue or red suits.  Girls would wear different colors.  They would wear blue, pink, yellow, and purple suits.  All girls should wear ponytails or pigtails.  They would only wear the big air tight suits if they go out of the space shuttle.  Humans would eat food with no colors or liquid.  They would all get high tech gadgets.  They could ride small rockets, but they need their rocket flying licence first.  They could fly their rocket to earth where they could meet their friends or relatives."

My first weekend back, we helped Amy and Steven get married!!  :)  So fun!  
Picking wildflowers for bouquets

Even the pups helped :)

Mr. & Mrs. Shaishnikoff :)

All the girls....Left to Right:
Julie, Brina, Brides friend from out of town 1, 2, 3, Bride-Amy, Steven, Ali, ME, Sister-in-law, Emily and Heather

Happy Birthday, Emily!!  :)

Also, Happy Birthday, Heather!

 And we help the Girls' Basketball Team fundraise at the Heart of the Aleutians Festival.  :)

My turn

And, sushi night for Kevin's birthday...Happy Birthday to Kevin!!

Hikes during the nice weather
Later, Mary and I went out to Morris Cove with Amy and Mercy...to see the salmon and pick wildflowers 

I love these flowers - they are my favorite here!

First snow of the season

Then, blueberry pickin' with the Good's!

We found the secret place - bushes loaded with berries - JACKPOT!!

Josh, Missy and Prudhoe :)

Ok, friends, I'm off to bed.  I have many more pictures to come - but this is all the post (and the hour) will allow.  I hope you have had a lovely Veteran's Day!


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  1. Love every one of your pics, Hon! Looks like you are having a wonderful time...and, definitely, keeping busy. GOOD! Missing you bunches and bunches, but loving you, oh, so much MORE!