Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sunshine & Wild Horses

Earlier in the week, we had a beautiful evening so Erin (the newest roommate and co-teacher) and I decided to take a walk on the beach with her dog, Peanut. :) More beach glass found!

Then on Friday, we celebrated Kevin's (5th grade teacher) birthday. We had delicious sandwiches for lunch then celebrated the night away dancing and laughing. :) All in all it was a great night!

Saturday - I met Julie out at Morris Cove to lay on the beach, read, and hopefully see the wild horses. We succeeded on all counts! It was a fantastic day full of laughter and sunny delight! And horses!! We saw four of them. We even fed them - carrots! (Shhhh....not sure if we were really supposed to) They loved us. Overall, they were friendly - only a little pushy - they would use a little dose of manners, but it was super fun to see them. Enjoy the photos below!

My snack bag was bright blue - and kept attracting bees. Ryon saved us from several of them and we discovered that there was "something" on it. Turns our they were little bugs or spiders - kinda creepy - like little parasites. Gross!

Eagles, eagles, everywhere...

To make your heart smile...

From a writing prompt asking who they would add to Mt. Rushmore:
I would add Ms. Wood to the Mount Rush Moor monument. I would add Ms. Wood because she makes a differentce every day. I would also pick her because she's probably the most awesome teacher in the world. I would pick her because she has good taste in everything. She is the most awesome person ever and that's why I would pick Ms. Wood's face on Mount Rush Moor.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

Last weekend's non-completed blog...
Coasties and Rainbows
I started the weekend out with my first time volunteering for the Community Swim Meet.  My timing partner, Shawna, and I laughed the whole evening.  Very fun!  I will definitely be doing it again!  :)  While at the swim meet, there were several Coast Guard men ("Coasties") who swam in the meet.  It was nice to have extra adults for the teens to compete against.  The Coasties were in port only for a few days - they are on the Healy [The Coast Guard Cutter HEALY (WAGB - 20) is United States' newest and most technologically advanced polar icebreaker.] getting ready to head out on a new expedition(?), voyage(?), adventure(?) - anyway we were promised a tour but our guide did not show up Sunday morning on our agreed time.  But we have since found out that there was a misunderstanding as to where we were going to be meeting them.  They come back thru town in a couple of weeks and have been told a re-schedule is in order, as well as lunch by the "Cook" (who, by the way, could not swim even though he is in the Coast Guard AND volunteered to swim in the swim meet - rather comical!).  

Then later on Sunday I spied at least two different rainbows - BEAUTIFUL!!

Last Weekend:
Friday had wonderful weather, so my Mentor Teacher and I went out berry picking (It is almost the end of the wild blueberry season).  It was gorgeous!  Sunny and wonderful!!

My Mentor Teacher, Cathy :)

Then later in the night the weather continued!  It was a fantastically clear evening (we could even see the stars!) so we had a bonfire.  It was great!  
Then on Saturday, we decided to hike out to Jeff's cabin out at Ugadega Bay.  It was pretty good weather on the hike out with only a little wind and hardly any rain.  We got to the cabin and started the fire.  We were roasty toasty in no time.  Had some goodies and dried out.  

When we headed back it was a little nasty.  As we were making the trek back, Jeff told me about his "windy" scale.  It goes like so:
When you say, "Man, it's a little windy" = ~20 mph
When it's making you a little nervous = ~40 mph
When it stops your forward progression = ~60mph
We definitely saw some 60 mph gusts.  It was a little bit of crazy!  :)  But we finally made it and came home to have Salmon Curry dinner.

Had a bit of rude awakening on Sunday...turns out our Fall is over and Winter is right around the corner (note the snow levels).  BOO!
That's all I have for now.  Sorry it has been so long since my last update.  I love and miss all of you and hope all is well!
Happy Monday,