Sunday, May 5, 2013

An Introduction to Bocci Ball and a Whole Lot of SUNSHINE! :)

A couple of weekends ago we had WONDERFUL weather and decided to go to Summer Bay for a BBQ and a farewell to our friend, James, who is moving off island.  We also broke out our Bocci Ball set from the 2nd Blessings sale.  I had never played before - so fun!

Lots of fun ways to get out to Summer Bay, too.  Josh and Missy decided they would paddle out and meet us there.  Zach rode his bike.  Ryan ran.  We decided to be boring and drive :)
Josh and Missy kayaking out to Summer Bay

James works on starting the fire

Maggie - Pretty Girl

Josh and Missy finally get here



Time for Mimosas

David * Mary * James * Emily * Julie

Ali and Amy enjoy the bonfire
So does Zach

David and Emily - cute!  :)

Bocci Time!  :)

Mary shows off her technique!  It's impressive, folks! :)

Team Sunshine Star - For the WIN!  :)  woot woot!


self portrait :) before handing over photographer duty


Kisses from Mercy
Well, hello there!

Reid and Finn
Ben and Ali

♥ with Emily 

Another self portrait :)

We had to leave the beach early to deliver James to his going-away dinner.  But a quick stop off first for some art time.  James does rubbings of man-hole covers on canvas from everywhere he visits.  This one was for Sabrina, but he made a "STORM" rubbing for us.

Luckily there wasn't much traffic!  :)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Very HOPPY Birthday

Our next birthday celebration was a combined party for David, Ryan, and Steven.  We collected specialty beers from all over the state and the Pacific Northwest to enjoy a Beer Tasting.  So fun!  We ended up with a great variety of crazy brews!

Emily made cupcakes

Delicious cheesy bacony yummy!

Emily and Missy

Kisses from Maggie

with Heather

with Heather and Julie :)
Mustaches from Mary for the Birthday Boys :)

Luigi came to visit!  haha

All the Birthday Boys