Friday, September 7, 2012

Summer :: San Diego & A mini-Yokosuka reunion! :)

Hi all!!  So, I have been failing at my New Year's Resolution of one new blog each week.  Sorry about that!!  It's been a little busy and hectic here.  But the first 3 weeks have been going great!!  I love my students and I know it's going to be a great year!!  More updates to come as I get the photos loaded!  

Here is a recap of my wonderfully fun trip to San Diego (in July) to visit Melissa and Emily (I was with these girls in Japan!!!  YAY for Camp A reunions!!).  We had so many adventures in just a few short days!  Melissa knows how to show people a good time and make sure they see the sights!!

Our first night, we went to watch Danny's (Melissa's boyfriend) band preform in a Battle of the Bands sort competition.  They were really good AND I won a gift card to Cold Stone!  Score!!

A couple of nights later, we were able to watch the guys preform for real.  They, again, were awesome!!

We decided to do one of the "hop on/hop off" trolley's to tour the city.  The bus allowed us to get on and off as we pleased and explore the areas we wanted to.  Pretty neat way to tour about!  First up we went to the water front and saw one of the museums (I can't quite pin point the name at this exact moment...).  Neat to see all the ships!

Chubby lil seal sunbathing...

Pelicans :)

Then over the bridge we go to Coronado Island.  If you look REALLY carefully you can see Mexico out there!  :)

Melissa & Emily

Lovely skyline

While over there we visited the...

...where this man was out taking his Birds of Prey for a walk!  Hi Birds of Prey!

Then back across we go..................over the water and thru the wind to Balboa Park we go!

We stumbled across two Quinceañera celebrations,

which is the celebration when a girl turns 15.  Isn't her dress lovely?!?!

These next ones are hilarious!!!  The statue was very hot...Emily attempts to get on, but it's difficult. 

The dismount is my favorite, tho!!!
P.S.  They're better when you scroll rather quickly...

We opted for the lean instead :)

Another Quinceanera

Cool amphitheater!

Yokohama is San Diego's sister city - We visited Yokohama for a baseball game in 2006!

See the turtle?  :)

Trying to make a few extra $$$ - different strokes for different folks

Doesn't this look like it's straight out of a Dr. Seuss book?  Cool, huh!

This cross was built as a memorial for veterans - Mt. Soledad


cute lizard

Next Stop: Bernardo Winery - Beautiful and Delicious!

Melissa & Emily enjoy our first sample

relaxing on the swing with Evil - Several people have said we look alike...even as much as twins.  Joke is that I'm the Good Twin!  :)

On we go to Mission Beach for a little relaxation and sunshine

After soakin up some rays we go to Old Town for dinner...


After a wonderful visit we decided that we definitely need to do another reunion!!  :)

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  1. You sure had a busy summer FULL of lots of fun! Good for you, My Sweet!