Friday, September 7, 2012

Summer :: Dad's a Hero! :)

While I was home this summer, I was able to go to the ceremony celebrating Dad and John Weller's efforts in saving Dave's life.  I videoed it so I could share the Fire Chief's message, but it did not have clear audio.  :(  So you will have to settle for photographs.  My apologies!

It was so moving to see the guys receive this special honor!

Anne was recognized for the expert way she handled the call and directed Dad and John.

Even Sambo was impressed !  :)

Dad, Dave, John - All very near and dear to my heart!

All the ones responsible for saving Dave's life

The Weller/Woodward Clan

Love you guys!!

So proud!!
Both Dad and John were given these wonderful medals for their "Life Saving" efforts!

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  1. Such humble heroes, but heroes nonetheless. I can't believe you put a picture of Dave here! ha ha, not that he will ever know about it, I won't tell.