Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Homecoming :: GO RAIDERS!!

Sorry this has taken me such a long time to get posted - I'm slacking with the whole one post a week thing!!  ugh!  Hopefully next week will be better!  :)

Homecoming Week was a blast!!!  :)  My friends, Julie and Heather, planned a fantastic week of super fun activities and events.  We started with decorating on Saturday for 4 hours - each class had a famous city that they had to "build" along with decorating with other spirit posters.  Here are some of the favorites!
Denver, Colorado:

 Honolulu :)

 San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge

Monday was 80's day - sorry it's blurry...you might be able to tell, but we look awesome!  :)  Trust me!
Julie leading a Dodgeball game
Tuesday was Crazy Hair Day
Wednesday was Favorite Hat Day
Wednesday night we hosted the first-ever bonfire...super fun!  And it was the best weather, just perfect!

Thursday was Backwards Day - I didn't get a picture, but I wore a purple dress (backwards) and a cardigan sweater (backwards) and a scarf (backwards).  You get the drift...

Friday was Raiders Pride & School Color Day!!!  :)

 Heather leading a fierce game of Tug-o-War

 Mr. Gibson fully committed to the Spirit Day

Our newest art project - the kids had to make a list of 40 or more positive character traits.  Then we printed a black and white picture.  They then outlined the major features of their face and outlined it onto a fresh pieve of paper.  Then they fill in with their words :)  They are pretty awesome!
Here's my example