Friday, November 25, 2011

The New Apartment!!!

 Standing in the front door entryway looking in on the Living Room and kitchen
 Peanut checking things out...
 Kitchen - all brand new appliances

 Looking down the hallway...

 My bathroom
 My Bedroom
 My closet
 Erin's room
 Erin's HUGE walk-in closet
 Erin's bath

 Hall closet

 Dining room -
We are starting to unload all of our goodies!!  More pictures to come...

Snow, Horses, Churches and Happy Thanksgiving!!! :)

Two weekends ago, I went to Morris Cove with my friend Trent, and we saw 12 wild horses!  Beautiful!!  :)

First snow of the season...

 I am taking a "History of the Aleutians" class with one of the teachers.  He is great - very knowledgeable!  Last weekend we made the trek to the local Russian Orthodox Church.  Lovely!
 Then we (friends Erin, Josh, and Missy and dogs Peanut, Blue, Clover and Prudo) headed for Morris Cove for a hike.

 More walks and snow


Happy Thanksgiving!!!  :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sushi Night, some 6th grade smiles, & Halloween

My roommate, Alex, planned a Sushi night at our apartment a couple of weeks ago.  I'm not normally a sushi gal, but this stuff was delicious!  and beautiful!!  Kelly, the Sushi Guru, brought over all of the necessary "stuff".  The plan was for us to learn how to roll sushi, but he talked us through how (while doing all of the work) and then let us eat it all!  :)  yummy!!!  Enjoy the beauty!

6th Grade art....too cute to keep a straight face!   These are from our "Food Chain" mobiles!  I love them!!

One of my students gave me this caramel apple and said, "I got this for you because it reminded me of you."  I then asked, "what part of this reminded you of me?" (not sure whether to be offended or not...)  She replied, "well, I guess the eyes...and the eyelashes!"  So funny!!

All of us girls decided to dress up "80s" - big hair, big make-up!  It was a fun night!  Hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!!

Miss you all!!
Happy Tuesday,