Monday, November 4, 2013

Summer :: Camping with the Fam :)

This is LONG overdue, but it has been so fun to look back over the pictures from my sweet Oregon summer!  I truly am blessed with an AMAZING and wonderful family!  I love you all!!

This summer, I was able to go camping with my parents, brother, sister, two nieces and my nephew.  It was a lovely week full of sunshine, laughter, and games!!  I love it!!  My nephew is an aspiring photographer and took many great pictures with my camera.  Enjoy a sampling below, and then check out his website!!  :)

Bradi showing us some dance moves :) 

Monkey bread 

My cute mama 

Dad and Bradi Girl


Self-portrait of the photographer, Riles!

Even Hal was able to make it out for a visit and S'Mores!

Game time!

Time for a walk about to "see what we can see"

Well, hello there!

Mama, the expert critter pond creator

My oldest sister, Amy, was able to join us for several days and games!  :) 

This is what "shuffle knuckle" looks bueno!

Then it sparked the "let's compare hands" conversation...working man's hands 

Twins (:

Oh my goodness, how cute is this little guy?!??!?!

My sweet mama-cita!  <3

I FINALLY caught this guy after DAYS of trying!  Worth the wait...