Friday, January 4, 2013

The whirlwind that was December!!! :)

December was a busy month, too!  We started the month out with brewing our first batch of beer with Josh and Missy.  So fun!  :)  We made a chocolate stout with oak chips - "Christmas Cheers"  :)

Then we celebrated Julie's birthday - we had a "Hollywood" Party :)

City Christmas party...telling Santa everything I wanted :)

We also hosted the White Elephant Party for our crew this year.  It was so much fun!  We planned "Minute to Win it" games and had a great time!  :)  
Our cute Christmas Tree - Thanks, Bradley!!
Mary and I made a fireplace just special for the party :)

We also had a Christmas Photo Booth!

Roasting marshmellows! :)

On the Rebound:  Contestant must use their partners clipboard to bounce ping pong balls into the bucket.

I love the happiness in this picture!  :)
Contestants must pick up the cereal box using only their mouth...each round we cut off one inch making it get closer and closer to the floor.  :)

Julie gave all of us girl Christmas socks with bells on them!  It's a tradition from her Gram :)

Bahaha, look at those eyebrows :)

My friend, Nick, came into my classroom to recite "How the Grinch Stole Christmas".  I have recorded it, but cannot load it onto my blog.  Follow the link below this picture to see it on my Facebook page!  :)
Good weather always brings me to the beach - Beach Combing with Mary!  :)


My friend, Bradley, made Mary and I dinner - Crab and Caribou!  Absolutely delicious!!  :)

More sunshine!  Going for a walk with Julie...then we ran into our friend, Shawna.

Our friend, Denver, hosted a Glee event with some of the high school kids.  They did such a great job!!  It was a wonderful event for Denver to leave island on.  We'll miss you Denver!!  :)

Home!!  :)
Christmas Eve at Gramma and Grampa's house.  We always decorate Christmas cookies.  Here's Gramma showing off one of her creations!  Beautiful!

Aunt Robin making our Christmas soup

Santa and her little helper passing out gifts

Good one of Grampa enjoying his new record player
Next stop, Amy and Cory's new house for Christmas with the siblings.  We missed having Les home this year, but we are REALLY looking forward to seeing her this summer!!
Amy & Bradi Girl

All our loot :)

with Bradi Girl :)

with Haley Girl :)

All the "unmarried" girl got fuzzy toe-socks :)
It has been a WONDERFUL trip home for Christmas!!  Truly amazed just how quickly the time has flown by!  I'm am abundantly blessed with incredible family and phenomenal friends!

My cup runneth over!  :)

Happy 2012! ~Am