Monday, May 14, 2012

Life lately...

We have still been having rotten weather this last week.  It's the middle of May and it's still snowing!  Sheesh!  I'm ready to have some sunshine in my life!  

Even though we are still having snow, it's not snowing as much.  And the snow banks are starting to melt away.  I can actually see out my classroom windows now.  :)  And I found some springy flowers which promises that it is getting closer to summer!!  YAY!

During the crumby, cold weather, Erin and I have been puzzling it up - we are now working on an "impossible" one - HA!  We're almost done!  :)  Impossible Shimpossible!

Last Wednesday was the Awards Assembly recognizing the academic and athletic accomplishments of the students.  There were so many lovely flowers to decorate the tables.  We helped clean up at the end and were able to bring some home!  Beautiful!

Miss Leu (my Mentor Teacher) bought some sunflowers to decorate her room and she shared a couple with us.  They are such happy flowers!  :)

On Saturday, I was asked to chaperone Prom.  It was a pretty fun night.  

Heather and I

Erin and I

Throughout the dance, they had difference games going.  One of the games is called "Ninja".  I've never played it or understood it before, but we were cracking up - the kids get so into it and they are hilarious.  Basically, they strike a ninja pose and then the other person tries to hit their hand.  So much funnier than it sounds - and then imagine it in tuxedos and prom dresses!  So funny!  :)

Dance Off :)
Today I woke up to SUNSHINE!  We went to the beach to look for beach glass and the whales are back!  Pretty cool!

Kisses from Milo

 Happy Mother's Day!!  

Have a good week!!
Love, Am


  1. You will be back in Oregon sooner than you think. Get ready for sunshine, no snow.
    Tell Milo he looks like Lassie, I love collies. It's probably just my memories of Lassie, Come Home. Your little beach looks like a treasure trove, beachcombing in out of the way places proves to be more adventuresome than large beaches. Hope to see you when you come home, I know you will be busy! Love Nita

  2. Great to hear and see that you're being so positive, even when your climate seems so bleak. I LOVE those little crocus, and YES, I think that means Spring has sprung, and that summer will be right around the corner. But, that corner is almost here, and you'll be home with us then. Can't wait! Looks like the kids (and the chaperones) had a great time at the Prom. The beach-glass combing day looked pretty fun (except for those doggie kisses....I had to go wash my face as soon as I saw the photo)....gross! :oD I saw your whale friends waving and blowing kisses. They must have missed you girls!! BUT not as much as your Dad & your Mama. Blowin' you my own kisses right now (smooch, smooch!) Love ya, Sweet Girl!

  3. Glad you are finally getting a little snow/I mean sun! Those crocus are so pretty, the prom dancing looks like fun and the dogs are beautiful. I love beach glass, hope you are finding lots. See you soon.