Friday, May 25, 2012

Going on a Goose Ride :)

Last Tuesday, my friend, Jeff, invited me along for a ride on a 1947 Grumman Goose amphibious plane.  He had an open seat and offered it to me.  They are phasing the Goose out in August, so I couldn't pass up such a unique experience!  It was pretty awesome - complete with a water take-off and water landing!  :)

I had some videos, but our internet won't allow me to upload them - to slow.  But here are some pictures from our trip!!!  Enjoy!

Our captain, Burk  - oh, and yes, I AM sitting in the cockpit RIGHT next to him!  :)

Two of the other friends tagging along

The Orthodox church on the lower right...My school is the big white building directly under the pontoon.

Landing in Captain's Bay

That's our shadow :)

Burk and Jeff
It was such a great trip!  Then we went out for tacos.  :)  Mmmm!!  

Can't wait to get home!!  Only 10 more days!!!!!!!!  YAY!!!


  1. Great photos, how exciting and beautiful, thanks for sharing your continuing adventures. Be seeing you...

  2. Cool photos, Hon...and what a great opportunity for you! What don't you do, girlie girl? You'd think a girl stuck on an island wouldn't have much chance to do much....but you have sure proved that thought wrong. So glad you are doing so many fun things. Down to 9 1/2 days!!! Can't wait, Sweet Girl!

  3. What a great experience, Amber! So proud of you and so, so, so excited to see you soon!!!!!