Monday, May 21, 2012

Birthday Week! :) woot woot!

Last Wednesday, my students had their "end of the year" Band Concert.  It was awesome!!  I'm going to try to add a video so you can hear them.  It is pretty impressive!  They have had 12 weeks of Band this year and 12 weeks last year.  Ms. Duhan is an amazing Band teacher - she will be greatly missed next year!
This cat had been hanging around outside our classroom window all morning.  Pretty much all of our schedule was being disrupted, so I decided that this cat needed a name.  I took nominations from all students, then voted for the winning name.  There were some great name ideas, such as Rocky, Sacajawea, Boris, and Lil' Joe among several others.  Believe it or not, the winning name was "Cat".  :)

Then one of my girls brought this in for me...

Just because :)

We (my class) were invited to watch the Cardboard Boat Regatta.  One of the High School science classes built boats and raced to see which one could last the longest.  They are some pretty impressive boats!  :)

And they go down with their ship (note the salutes on the way down...)

Thursday was my birthday!  :)  Here is all my loot from my students and Julie!  They did some real good work!  :)

 Dad and Mom sent flowers and a yummy cake!  :)  I've never had flowers delivered!  It made my day!   THANK YOU!!!

 These are from my roommate and other friends.  They are good people!  :)

 In Social Studies, we are studying Ancient Egypt.  My kiddos had to make paper masks - either Religious Masks or Death Masks.  Here are a couple of examples:

Thank you all for the birthday wishes!  I had a wonderful day/week!!  I love you all very much and am anxiously waiting for my summer trip home!!  Only 15 days until I am IN Oregon!


  1. What a sweet week you had! Love the fun boat race, looks like everyone was having a blast, the audience as well as the participants. I knew your folks had ordered you a cake and flowers, glad they were delivered on time. Glad you enjoyed it all, be seeing you, Mis Wood.

  2. Haha, I know, isn't that funny?!?! Mis Wood! You can definitely tell there are a lot of non-English native speakers (and spellers)! :) Looking forward to seeing and crafting with you soon!! 13 days!

  3. Mis Wood...cracks me up! I didn't think to 'spell' it for them. Too funny! So glad you had such a fun birthday, My Sweet. Lots of gifts, flowers, cupcakes, cakes and well wishes. Just the way it should be! Boat races looked like a riot! And it looks like your kids enjoyed the mask-making! Hey, that might just be a fun craft project for the S&B girls. :-)