Monday, September 23, 2013

Summer Visit with Kasparek's from Boston to Maine to Boston to Maine to Boston again!

I am beyond blessed to call the Kasparek Clan my friends!  They are AMAZING people and I hold them very near to my heart!  They are currently livin' the dream in Naples, Italy and came to the States for a visit.  They are SO generous and used their airline miles to bring me as a tag along on their vacation to Boston and Maine.  So nice of them and so much fun!!

Boston is a place I have never been before but always wanted to visit!!!

I flew in to Boston  several hours before they arrived, so I was more than ready to see their sweet faces!

They're finally here!!  :)

Little Miss Emma!

Chris is a super planner - I love having a plan!  Day 1 must include a tour of Fenway!  :)

It was SO HOT and SO HUMID!  Yikes!  Sure makes a body appreciate air conditioning!  Touring the Green Monster...

The Kasparek Family

The famous red seat

Emma and Canden enjoyind the new view on the subway

I mentioned earlier that is was HOT and HUMID, right?  Well, this lady was in full costume...phew! 

The Black Rose - delicious stop for lunch!

Site of the Boston Massacre...

Walking the Freedom Trail :)

Irony at it's finest...this picture wouldn't let me rotate it the correct way...oppositional, to say the least!

We toured the old cemetery - so much neat history!

Cute Emma 

Cool architecture, too!

We also squeezed on a Duck tour - it tours the city and goes in the water - pretty cool!!

There we are...

After a full day of touring Boston, we packed up and headed for Maine.  Chris used to work (started his career, really) on a base in Maine.  They hadn't been back in over 10 years.

Touring and travelling is tiring work!

We visited Chris' old camp site - along with all the TICKS!!  :(  Thanks for that! - yuck!! 

Next stop: Camden, Maine!  Sweet little Camden is named after the cute town of Camden, Maine.  Awesome place!

Ta Da!  :)

Even Dumbledore visits Camden! 

Isn't he just the cutest?!?!

Lunchtime :)

Lobster cake-y sandwich and chowder - scrumptious!

I love all the brick buildings!

Ok, so if you know me very well, you know that I REALLY strongly dislike birds!  Camden, on the other hand, really likes them - ducks and geese in general.  So we had to stop and feed them...

Check out the VERY ANGRY mama goose in this picture.  Now imagine the scariest hissing sound - that is what it was doing...didn't even phase Camden.  Silly boy!


Had to stop off at Camden Cone :)

and the Library

Off to meet Chris' friends for dinner...the picture below just makes me smile!  :)

This is the World's Biggest Globe!  :)  Several stories tall...

Last stop in Maine, Popham Beach - a lovely spot!

Heading back to Boston before we fly out the next day...

We got back to the hotel and discovered that we had left the kids' suitcases in Maine...whoops!!  So, Chris and I got to go to Maine again - luckily, one of Chris' buddies was able to meet us halfway so it wasn't such a long day.  :)

All in all, it was a GREAT trip and I am so grateful!!  Thanks Kasparek's!!

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  1. Amber, I just love to look at your photos of your Amazing Adventures. Love you.