Monday, September 23, 2013

New York City :: Museum of Modern Art

Next stop: New Jersey/New York to visit my Sissy!  :)

Made it!

Leslie was planning a trip back to Oregon shortly after my visit, so she didn't have much time off.  But her work gives some really great discounts to the local museums.  So I spent the days touring on my own and the evenings touring with Les.  :)

First adventure: The Museum of Modern Art

Turns out that I'm smart enough to fully appreciate Modern Art....but below are my favorites  :)

Take this exhibit, for example:  there were entire rooms filled with these "treasures" - all identical only differing in color.  I don't get it...

Apparently these two get it...

This ones pretty cool!  :)

By far the best thing: "Starry Night" by favorite!  :)

Touring the city...on my way back to Leslie's office.

One of the nights we went to see The Newsies.  It was really good!  :) 

Outside Leslie's office - so funny and strange!

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