Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New York City :: American Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History was and is, by far, my favorite museum in New York!  There is just so much to see and do there!  Leslie and I went together one day and ran out of time...luckily, I had another day to visit.  It's simply awesome!  :)

I loved the dinosaur exhibits!  :)  It was so fun to see everything in real life since the movies, "Night at the Museum" - so so fun!

The "Diversity" wall was pretty impressive, too!  There are so many unique and beautiful organisms in the world!  It is a neat display!

Nasty mosquitos

Ocean animals

Leslie and I

Dino-mania!  So many neat-o things to see!

The Museum also has great displays of stuffed animals - they are very well done and each with their unique environment, too!

Cute Kids :)

Also, there is a great area focusing on the native peoples of the world.

Apparently, it was "bring your summer camp to the Museum day", because there were so many kidlets running around - made me miss my Camp Adventure days!  :)

There is also a moon and space exhibit

Chris and Vanessa upgraded me to First Class on my return home to Oregon!  :)  So fancy schmancy!!  I had never flown in First Class before - awesome!!  As I sat down in my seat, a little hand gave me this baggie and said, "this is for you".  It was from my new buddy Zak.  He was giving this goodie bag to all of his neighbors in First Class.  

The note says:

Hi, I'm Zak and that's my brother Bo and we're on our first big cross-country flight!  We're both thrilled and are going to try to be on our very best behavior.  But I want to apologize in advance if my little bro gets cranky or scared, or just a little too excited.  He's 1 and sometimes he can't be a big boy like me.  We hope you don't need the earplugs but here are some in case mommy and daddy can't do enough circus acts to calm Bo down.  The chocolate and gum are in case we get overtired and sweet relief is required!  We hope you have a great flight :)

So cute!

It was a wonderful, busy, and full trip!  So much fun!!  :)  Thanks for the hospitality, Sister!

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  1. Love all your photos, Am. So glad you had such a great time there. Got a chuckle outta the "Dum Dum" stone from 'Night at the Museum''. hahaha!!!