Monday, April 23, 2012

Wine Tasting - Mexico - Easter - Sunshine - SNOW - Sunbathing - Rats

Last weekend we went to the Wine Tasting Extravaganza.  We had such a great time and the food and wine were DELICIOUS!!  :)  There were eight stations with food and wine pairings and they nailed it!!!  Seriously, scrumptious!

Ern & Ber
Josh, Erin, and I - apparently it was "make a face" picture :)
Josh, Erin, me and Trent 
Josh and Erin
Several weeks ago now, we went to "Mexico" to celebrate the boys' birthdays.  Amy hosted us at her house and we turned the hear up and wore our summer clothes.  It was super fun!  And it was wonderful to pretend that it was nice weather!  We are STILL having snow!  Brr!! 
Yes, Erin is driving...but luckily the speed limit is only 30 mph
Toss the ring on the cactus
Emily & I
Myself, Julie, & Heather
Amy & Brina
Julie & Ryan
Troy & Brina
Erin & Josh
 HAPPY EASTER!!!  We had an adult Easter egg hunt - in the snow!  :)  Chilly but fun!

Then we lost a boot...the search commences

All the girls: L to R:  Heather, Amy, Emily, me, Brina,and Erin
Front row: Ali and Julie

Unalaska mountains


My eggs - Josh gave me the "winning egg" idea for the cracked chicky...we didn't win, but we made the Top 5!

Check out those sunglasses!!  That means SUNSHINE!!  :)  woot woot!

This is my poor Gertie on April 10th - still snowing and cold

Stopped to enjoy the sunshine on the walk home from school - gotta get the Vitamin D somehow :)

Hi Foxy Loxie
Last Friday, Erin came into my classroom to tell me that they "caught" an enormous rat in the computer lady's office...EWWWWW!!!!!

Sorry, again, for being SO behind on my's been a VERY busy month.  Doesn't even seem like I've had a chance to take a breath.  But I'll try to do better!
Happy Monday!
Love, Am


  1. bought NEW sunglasses????? How will I recognize you?????
    Luv you bunches!


    1. I know!! I'm lost without them!! I let a friend borrow them on a walk, and I never got them back. I'm hoping they will find their way back to me! :)

  2. What a great post! HAVE been busy! Your trip to 'Mexico' looked so fun! Maybe we should think about doing something like that here in January. The Easter egg hunt in the snow (although cold) looked like fun,too! (Dad didn't want to decorate eggs...ha!ha! I even asked him.) Love the sunshine photos!!! Bet that feels so GOOD on your face. And I love the fox photo. How neat to see them so often!!! Not so crazy for the rat photo, tho. :-) Countin' the days, My Sweet, ....and June 4th won't come soon enough for us! Can't wait to HUG you! Love ya!!!

    1. Can't wait for summer either, mama!! :) And I think a trip to Mexico in January sounds GREAT!

  3. I can see how bored you are up there, poor thing, with nothing to do, reduced to catching rats for entertainment, ha ha. Glad you are with friends and thriving!

    1. Oh, Jan, it's terrible! We're always bored and just sit around...haha, more like we wish for night's "off"! :)