Monday, August 15, 2011

Just another Saturday and Sunday : : No big deal! :)

Tundra Golf - it was so hot that we all got sunburned!  So fun!  Followed by a lake swim and dinner at Jeff's house!  


me, Julie & Alex

On Sunday afternoon, we went out to the volcano (I hiked about halfway up...) 

For your viewing pleasure!  Enjoy this little guy - he flirted with us for quite awhile - put in quite a show!  Pretty fun!!!

Then afterward had dinner on the "Starlight," a local  fishing boat.  Pretty cool!  All in all a GREAT weekend!!


  1. How lovely that you are having this opportunity to get to know your new friends. It looks like a beautiful place, I hope you continue to have sunny weather. The humpbacks are amazing, aren't they!? I remember seeing them frequently when I lived in Hawaii. Great capture of the breaching in photos!

  2. So glad that everything is going so well, Honey. WOW! Love the whale photos! Nice, hot, sunny weather....who woulda thunk it? And swimming! Crazy! Enjoy it while it lasts!