Saturday, August 13, 2011

4 days on a ferry....Arrival in Dutch Harbor

Day 10:  Homer (Tuesday)
-         Wally the Whale feeding and showing himself in Ottis’s Otter Canal J

7:30 – heading to the ferry terminal.  Got parked and met up with David.  Load up and David found us a table and bench (short one, but at least we got one!)  Unloaded all my stuff (there’s A LOT of it!)
8:30 – forgot my nalgene bottle so am running back to the motorhome to get it.  Find M&D on the beach collecting round rocks J
10:30 – take off.  Got pictures of the beach and the motorhome as we sail away.
Head to bed pretty early….listen to my iPod…a little rocky (some sickies during the night)
Day 11:  Sea to Kodiak to sea (Wednesday)
-         Got into Kodiak at 845 – David and I head off the boat (with Chet) for a brisk walk.  We make it halfway across the bridge then Julie calls – she recommends  getting a taxi and going to see the bears at the park or reserve. 
-         Taxi lady doesn’t know anything about it – Visitor’s Center doesn’t know – National Wildlife Museum doesn’t know…we call Julie back – she doesn’t really know either J
-         So we walk to Subway, split a sandwich and visit as we watch the bay
-         I head back to the ferry in hopes of planning for t he beginning of the year.  Instead I take a little nap…
-         2:30 – up and heading off the boat for a beer with David @ The Village
-         4:00 another Subway sandwich and head back to the boat
-         4:45 leaving Kodiak………..
-         600-700: heading thru Whale crossing
o   Seeing puffins and other sea birds
o   Humpback whales and Finbacks
-         715: Pass by “Otter Island” – a brazillion of them!!  J  Apparently this area is safe from Orca and has a good food supply for them.  Then are ALL over!
All of those "things" in the water are Sea Otters!!!!
-         800: we are allowed down to our cars – I get the bed roll for David (he put up the tent on the upper area
-         830ish:  Movie and bedtime (I took my Bonine – supposed to be 15 foot swells tonight – it was only 8 foot swells last night)
Day 12:  Sea to Chignik to Sea to Sand Point to Sea (Thursday)
-         Up at 900…a little rough but feeling pretty good….just tired
-         1130 – 100 : Chignik ….walked around a bit.  Saw the famous doughnut shop..took a shower
-         Met the other teacher and her nephew – VERY nice!  Lucas will be in my room
-         Names in a drawing for a FREE 1-hour tour around Cold Bay – both David and my names were drawn
-         1030pm-1200am – Sand Point…the sun was still out when we landed….much classier place than Chignik
Day 13:  Sea to King Cove to Sea to Cold Bay to False Pass (Friday)
-         Slept in….didn’t wake up at King Cove…

-         Stopped at Cold Bay and got loaded up into the tour vans…very sunny and beautiful!!  Saw lots of birds, FOX and 2 KITS!!!!  Lots of volcanoes and mountains…gorgeous!
-         Back on the boat – saw 2 bears on the water’s edge
-         ate lunch
-         1:30 ::  weekly fire and boat drill
-         4:30 :: passing through False Pass – good bear spotting territory….keeping our fingers crossed! J …no bears, but beautiful scenery!
-         5:00 - False Pass until 645…..very windy!  Choosing not to get off the ship
Day 14:  Arriving in Dutch Harbor!!!  (Saturday)
We finally arrive in Dutch Harbor at about 915 and there is a crew there to meet me!  Julie and her mama, Superintendent, both principals, the office manager - it was a pretty big deal!  Finally figured out where my house is and followed the caravan to Unalaska.  My place is sweet!!!  Met Mary, a friend of one of the roommates since they both couldn't be there and Trent, another friend, who grew up in Olney - crazy small world!!  
Julie and her mom helped me unload my car and I got settled in.  Then off to the school for a Community Potluck.  Saw the kids dancing traditional dances and singing songs. Pretty cool!  Then met up with Julie, her mom, and many of her friends so I could meet the "crew" for dinner and dancing.
Hiking Bunker Hill with Julie and her mom, followed by more unpacking.  They later invited me over for a delicious dinner!  Alex got home this evening - I think I'm really going to like her!  :)
Got into the classroom today and met with the School District people.  
Look closely - you can see salmon jumping...
Very productive.  Later in the evening, Alex and I went to the beach to look for beach glass and pick Salmonberries - delicious!
Happy Birthday, Sheryll!!  halibut dinner to celebrate!  yummy!!
More classroom time - it is starting to come together very nicely!  Then dinner and movie with Julie.  Mary and Alex called and drug us out to the beach to watch the sunset and go for a walk!  It is so beautiful here!
Another teacher took us out on the boat to one of the far off bays - we saw whales, seals, puffins, and lots of waterfalls!!  AND the sun was out - I even got a little bit of a sunburn!  It was wonderful!!!
whale :)
Mexican Fiesta with Julie's crew


  1. Amber I am so excited for you! I watched your DVD here on Unalaska and was amazed at the beauty there, your photographs confirm that impression. Your new friends look very friendly and lovely, and there is a guy there from Olney? How amazing is that? It has been a long trek but is sounds like you have arrived in a wonderful place. Too bad it is so far away. I look forward to following along with your adventures through your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  2. YEAH!!! I am excited that you started a blog!

  3. So excited to finally see your blog now that we're finally home. Sounds like you're doing just fine. GREAT! That's a relief for your mama & papa. :-) Sun, a little sunburn, whales, puffins, otters & beach glass. What else could a girl ask for, eh? If I sound a little Canadian it's just because we were in that country so stinkin' LONG. :-) We're lovin' you, My Sweet! Love, Mom & Dad

  4. Hi Amber--Really enjoyed your comments and pictures. How exciting to see all of that already, and you just got there ! I can tell you're really going to have fun there.