Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 1 and the new apartment

Happy Monday!

Today was a great day - 21 of my 25 students were at school...9 girls and 12 boys!  We did not even attempt to start curriculum, but played lots of team-building activities and reviewed Classroom Agreements and Expectations.  All in all, it was a HUGE success!!  My Mentor Teacher is teaching 5th grade right across the hall and taught the 5th/6th grade blend last year, so she is a WEALTH of knowledge and has already been a huge blessing to me with lesson plans, daily schedule, etc., etc., etc., AND to top it off, there was a card and a chocolate bar waiting for me on my desk this morning wishing me a good first day.  She is one sweet lady!

Of my boys, I have a John, a Johnny, and a Jonathan - so if I ever get frazzled with names, I figure I'm safe shouting "John" and I'll get someone's attention!  :)

We went out and played one of my ol' Camp A games in the sunshine and when asking the students what they liked about the day there was a resounding "when we played People-to-People!"  I think it will make an appearance numerous more times in the coming months!  :)

I'm writing this blog at 9:50 my time and it is still very much sunny and daylight outside.  I'm looking into investing in some DARK, thick curtains for my window right above my bed.  So if any of my dear friends (cough: S & Bers) would be interested in helping a girl out I'd probably be able to get the dimensions of the window for you! :)  Just let me know and I'd be glad to help out!!!

I am also attaching pictures of my apartment - working on getting pics of the classroom, but as of 7:30 this morning it still wasn't "finished."  They'll come later!!!

Enjoy!!  Love you all!!!
I live in the bottom right side - my bedroom is the 3rd one down on the side with the red car :)
Living Room
My bed with my Jan Quilt :)

Bedroom Shelf


  1. So excited (and relieved) to hear that your first day went so grandly! That is...well, GRAND! Bet the rest of the week will go just as well. Enjoy that sunshine while it lasts. Congrats on surviving Day 1!!! We love you bunches and bunches, My Sweet!

  2. P.S. I noticed the pinkish sky in the apartment photo...and I see Gertie made it safe and sound. Teehee! I think it's so cool that two of your chairs in the living room shot are facing the patio door where the sun is streaming in! Love it!

  3. So glad it's going well for you! Miss you tons! As for the curtains, I have some with rubber backing in them and they keep out every ounce of light! They are spectacular! :) Haley

  4. Okay, okay....give me the dimensions!

  5. It is fun to be able to see your new living quarters. Looks like a nice clean house you are in. Glad you are getting sun. The quilt looks nice on your bed, you needed a little color in there.

  6. Dad says, "Wait a couple months and you won't need'll need extra lights 'cause it's gonna be so dark!" Teehee!!!

  7. My Principal's wife said she would make me a nighttime sleeping mask! :) So I'll probably give it a go...but curtains would also add some more of that "color" that Jan was mentioning I need. Just saying...

    P.S. I went to the Unalaska Post Office today to get a PO Box there - they were going to charge me $62....I did not mention that I already had one on the Dutch Harbor side FOR FREE!!! So, the Dutch Harbor address is here to stay. :)

  8. Looks like a terrific space to enjoy the new adventures. What does your living room window look out on? Are your ready for visitors yet?

  9. Our living room looks out on the Elementary School, soccer field and Unalaska Lake. It's beautiful!! And visitors are more than welcome! :) Start saving your pennies!!

  10. Glad you found such a nice place with great people to share!