Monday, June 24, 2013

May :: Sea Lion Dissection

The morning after my birthday, Reid texted to let us know a dead Sea Lion had been discovered on one of the beaches.  Reid works for the University and it is part of his job to do a necropsy to try to determine the cause of death.  He then collects samples and the head and sends them to the University for further study.  It was a pretty amazing experience to be able to witness.  He later invited us to help gather the samples.  So interesting!  Right up my alley!!!  :)

David and Emily tagged along, too!

This guy was 11.5' long (They generally only grow to be 11' long) and seems to be quite old based on battle scars.

David and Mary went to get gear for us - I found them trying to help the other gear up - they are a crack up!!!!  :)  Hope it makes your heart smile!

Eagles, eagles everywhere! YUCK!

This is the heart - so cool!!!


Em offers shore side assistance 

So stinkin' cool!!!!  Thanks for the great experience, Reid!!  :)

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  1. WOW....amazing! Can't believe that you all ENJOY cutting something disgusting like that up. To each his own! Love your surroundings, though! Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!