Monday, June 24, 2013

Birthday Festivities! :)

I was beyond spoiled with a Birthday WEEK ~ such a sweet group of family, friends and students!!

Mary was my first "Happy Birthday" wish at midnight!

Then, my parents sent this lovely bouquet of flowers and a delicious cake to school!!  :)  So fun!!

It was also our Field Day, so I was able to spend my birthday with my dear teacher friends and approximately 120 elementary students in the rain and snow.  :)  It was a good day!  Then, after school we went on a pallet hunt for the bonfire, out to dinner and drinks, then got ready for the camp out.

Kevin's bar
It turned out to be beautiful weather - sunny and calm!!

Dance party

with Julie

with most of the girls: Amy, Julie, Heather and Jamie

with Ben and Steven

Mary got all the decorations - even a palm tree!!  :)

with Ben and Kim

Ben and Ali - Ali's birthday is the day after mine :)

with merry
with Kim and Mary

with Zach

with Kevin

The next morning was perfectly still - calm waters and sunshine!  Absolutely beautiful!

All my sweet loot!  :)


My cup runneth over!  Blessed beyond measure!

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  1. So fun to be appreciated! Looks like you had a wonderful time, My Sweet, and have some pretty special, supportive friends. Your Dad and I are so glad!!