Monday, March 11, 2013

February: Tsunami Bowl in Seward, AK

I was asked to help "coach"/chaperone the Tsunami Bowl Science Club this year with my friends, David (Science Teacher) and Reid (Scuba Instructor/University of Alaska Professor).  We flew in to Anchorage and then David drove us down to Seward (I napped...).

Note the purple in my of the high school boys dyed it for me :)

We made it!!  :)
One of the evenings, we were able to have dinner at the Alaska SeaLife Center and explore.  It was a pretty cool opportunity.  The students also brought artwork for an Art Show.  Lots of great art pieces!

This octopus is supporting her eggs on the top - I just heard that they were starting to hatch last week.  Pretty cool and I think pretty rare to successfully happen in captivity!

This artwork is hung all over the SeaLife Center (not student art...).  Aren't they beautiful!?!?

I bought this one from the gift shop - Cool, huh?!?

Cupcake, anyone?
Here are some of the student entries...

More cool art - I don't think it is from a student, but I'm not sure...
Oh, hello, me, with intensely purple hair?!?!  :)

There were teams from all over the state...

Our kids did so great!  They took 5th on the paper and 3rd on the presentation!!  Very proud of them!

The town of Seward has lots of cool murals on their buildings.  They were beautiful!

All in all, it was a great trip!!  Seward was a blast and the kids were fun, too!!  Then I was able to sneak away for a Professional Development conference in San Francisco with my friend, Cathy!!  :)  

Stay tuned...


  1. Hi Amber, I see I have missed several of your more recent posts, sorry about that! It appears you are enjoying life up there, I'm happy for you. Beautiful art work you show on this post. fun seeing your many friends and even further back your Christmas family photos. Glad you are living life to the fullest! Stay safe! Have fun!

  2. Congrats to the Real Krusty Crabs!!! Nice job!...and to their chaperones! Although the artwork at the Aquarium is wonderful, I'm not so sure that it's better than the student's faire. I really liked their jellyfish artwork! Wonderful! You sure take some great underwater photos. Can't wait to see the ones that won't be through glass but will be 'real-life' under-the-sea photos taken while you're SCUBA diving! Glad you're back safe on your island again. Counting the days, My Sweet, until Summer Vacation. Loving you!!!