Thursday, January 3, 2013

"Mo"-vember Brings Sunshine and Thanksgiving!

We got a couple days of excellent weather, so we decided to take the dogs out and go for a trek out Morris Cove.  It was beautiful!  We saw lots of seals and lots of otters!  Fun!  :)

Hello Mr. Otter!  :)

And seals, too :)

Thanksgiving activities in the classroom..."I'm Thankful for..." pumpkins.

Thanksgiving morning, Mary and I tagged along with the divers.  They always do a Thanksgiving morning dive.  We hung out by the campfire - because we're not quite ready to go along on the actual dive yet.  Soon, though!  Next year we'll be able to participate in the dive!  :)
Missy & Reid - pre-dive :)

Thanksgiving toast: Champagne and Brandied peaches

Josh + mustache = "Movember" 

The Brewer Family - sweet people!

SQUID!  :)  A face only a mama could love!  :)

We also were able to watch the Oil Rig come into port - "Kulluk" - it was pretty incredible to see the actual size.  It is huge - like 3-4 stories tall!

Josh and Mary contribute head stands and cartwheels to Thanksgiving!  :) 
the whole crew

Josh and Finn

November is "Mo"-vember - Men's Cancer Awareness Month.  Josh created a team, "the Aleutian Staches," to raise awareness for Men's Health.  So mustaches are the trend in November!  :)

I didn't have one - So I had a finger stache :)

KUCB also hosted a drive-in movie for the community.  So Mary, Pipa, and I snuggled together to watch the new Spiderman movie.  Chilly but fun!

PCR also sponsored the Turkey Trot for St. Jude's.  All the girls decided to make the trek again this year!

The end of the month took me to Talkeetna for volleyball Regions.  It was very fun to see the girls compete against other teams in our league.  They took 2nd which guaranteed them a trip to compete at State.  (At State, they took 5th!).  Talkeetna was very beautiful!  Below are some scenic pictures from the area!

Getting closer to caught up!!  That was November!  :)  December is coming...

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  1. Oh, Amber...what a great blog! It does your parent's hearts good to know that you are so happy and well taken care of up there! So much fun!