Monday, December 31, 2012


More catch-up....Halloween!!  :)

We rallied up the neighbors (Emily on left and Teresa on right) to carve pumpkins.  Mary had to work late :(

Off we head to Oktoberfest-Beer Tasting.  Mary had to participate in the Best Lederhosen Competition!  :)  She won!!

Quick costume change and we're off to meet our Superhero friends!  :)

Oh, so strong!

Our crew: Green Lantern, me, Captain America, Batwoman, Witch, Roller Derby Girl, Mr. Incredible, and Roger :)

Notice the Mustache Flex on the bottom left :)


Another Halloween Party...

Even Maggie got to dress up :)

Finish up with a lovely Dutch Harbor sunrise!

Stay tuned, Riley, more to come!!  :)

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  1. Sure looks like you have a LOT of fun up there! With all those super-heroes around I won't have to worry a minute! Take care, my Sweet! Loving you!