Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer :: Storyline Summer Class, Visit w/ G&G

After the beach, I headed in to Portland to take the Storyline class.  It was awesome!!  The teachers directed us in the creation of an "Endangered Species Zoo".  We partnered up and created an animal, a 3-D character (Zoo Guides), small mini-people for visitors, among many others cool things.  It was a great week - very informative!

Meet my guide - "Malia"

This is my partner's and my exhibit for our Snow Leopard - he likes high cliffs and private space (Note the cave)

Orangutan Exhibit

My visitor :)
I stayed with Gramma and Grampa during this week of the Storyline Class.  Gramma recently had a procedure done on her hand to fix a gnarly finger.  She was all bruised up, but it didn't hurt much and was looking better.

One afternoon, after school, I found G&G on the patio watching a baby Sparrow trying to fledge.  Cute little guy!

Grampa, handsome as ever!  :)
Below is my first ever movie...enjoy a baby attempting to fledge...with commentary and some music!  :)  woot woot!

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  1. Nice to meet Malia!!! She's pretty cute!!! Love your video of the baby fledgling!!! So sweet!