Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer :: Beach House in Lincoln City

We were able to go the the Beach House in Lincoln City.  Dad, Mom and I went for a couple of days and then Jamee Girl was able to join us, too.  It was wonderful weather and minus tides most of our mornings!  We found a few treasures, but mostly just enjoyed the walks.

Our first walk on the beach - notice the SUNSHINE!!!  :)

There were tons of little Jellies
Beach Glass - I've never seen beach glass on our Oregon beaches

Heart Shell

Summer 2012

More hearts

 We always make a point of playing LOTS of games while we vacation.  This is Quiddler - too fun!

I biffed it down the rocky, dusty, steep side-hill/CLIFF that you can see in the background - OUCH!!!

Seeing what we can see

This beach had LOTS of fossilized shells

Jamee taught us a new card game called "3-13" - it's a good one!!

 We did a little geo-caching with Jamee, too.  One of them took us to this small cemetery right near the house.  

Sad, but kinda true
 Then we toured the beautiful garden across from the house.  Mom and Jamee walked through and named every plant.  I don't know ANY names of plants, so instead I took pictures of every plant!  :)

I like how this photo turned out

Isn't my Mama super cute?!?!?!

The World's Teeny-Tiniest Snail

A Travel Bug that we moved from one geo-cache to another

Jamee's a good little "cache" finder

One of our trinkets to contribute to a cache

The girls say, "this way!"

One of the beautiful sunsets we were able to view
 We listened to K-Love the whole time we played games!  I love K-Love!!  :)

Summer is busy, busy, busy!!  I've gotten VERY behind on my entries, but am trying to get caught up!  Stay tuned for the rest of my summer adventures!


  1. Wonderful pictures and looks like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing! Love and Miss you all!! Nita

  2. You posted some wonderful photos! I love the ones of you all on the beach and that one with the lady bug and the ocean in the background. What a contrast in color and size!