Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring Break :: It's for the Dogs!

I started Spring Break off with my first ever 5K!!  I've been training (my roommate, Erin, is my fabulous coach!) to do the Polar Bear Run for about 6 weeks.  It was originally scheduled for last weekend, but they postponed it because of "too many avalanches along the course".  So we did it the first weekend of Spring Break.  :)  I had to walk part of it, so I'm a little disappointed but I finished and that was the whole goal!

Ali and I at the finish line :)  YAY us!!
 I also got sucked in/asked to dog-sit for one of the teachers that is travelling for the break.  She has 2 beagles and in addition, I have lil' Miss Peanut, too.  Meet the dogs...


Dutch - ye,s he's allowed on the bed!  gross!!

 Here's the view of my "home away from home"...beautiful!!  You are looking out over Unalaska on a pretty stormy evening!

  My temporary Cabana.  Unfortunately, it faces into the wind, so I've had to shovel out of a drift every morning.  But at least, I get my exercise that way!  :)
This week has offered ALOT of sleeping in, couch time, and eating!  :)  Not necessarily the best for the physique, but delightful for the heart!

  One thing, I'm grateful for about these dogs is that they force me outside for short little walks.  This morning, Peanut scared a small gaggle/flock/group/cluster of ptarmigan out.  Below is a picture...can you see them?
There's actually 2 - look closely
There's 3 in this picture - I think :)
 To help keep me busy, I took (with Julie) a woodworking class.  It was 5 weeks long and I made this super cool bar stool - and you can even sit on it!!  :)  It was a very fun class and I'm glad I took it.  Our new apartment has a "bar"/overhang area and we needed places to sit.   I also bought a bar stool from my friend, Jeff.  He makes them out of drift wood.  Enjoy the pictures!


Happy Friday!!  Love you all and hope all is fabulous with you!  Less than 3 months before SUMMER VACATION!!  woot woot!!!


  1. Hey Hon. So proud of you to make the Polar Run! Pretty impressive event!! That is all I could think of to say that was positive about them, but you know me and dogs. :oD Not jealous AT ALL!
    Girl Scout Samoas....willy, willy jealous!!!
    As for the Ptarmigans I found 'em all...but it sure took me a long time. That second photo with them was a challenge, for sure!
    Love your stool sample....HAHAHAHA!!! (Oh, man...I crack myself up (pun intended!) No, really, it turned out so well. Beautiful, really. I like how the legs are curved! Neat! Not quite as beautiful as the girl sitting upon it, tho! <3
    And won't it be neat to bring home a handmade Unalaskian (made by a local) stool. Neat!
    Missing you bunches and bunches, My Sweet. Only 10 more weeks until you're home. Counting the days....... loving you!

  2. Your stool turned out fantastic, Amber! Great job. What a neat class to take. Enjoy your house sitting.