Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year :: 2012!!!

After a long trip (all my flights were "on time" and we were able to land in Dutch Harbor - yippee!!!  AND I was able to travel with friends - double yippee!!!), I finally made it back to Unalaska yesterday.  My trusty roommate picked me up and delivered me home to my rig.  She had left if for me because it made her laugh.  Well, hello winter!
Took a little cat nap, then off to celebrate and ring in the New Year!!  
 Then this morning, Erin found this little guy running around loose.  She gathered him up and brought him home.  His owner is on the way - he got loose last night sometime.  Poor little guy!  He's cute, but we won't be too sad to see the little tyke head home.  :)

Happy 2012!
Love, Am


  1. He is a cutie, but I'm sure Peanut will be glad that his family is on it's way! Happy New Year, girlie girls!

  2. Glad you made it home safely and on time! Happy new year, it was good to see you again.