Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Summer :: Jimmy visits Oregon! :)

The Wood girls!  (:

My Mama

Jimmy came along for a visit, too - it was our first time meeting him.  He was a big hit!  Especially with Riley, who had a new buddy to battle.


Some of Riley's firefighters standing guard :)

Riley's newest hobby - ziplining!  Of course, we all had to give it a go :)

Sure do love these two!

Jimmy shows us the "cutest duckling in the world"

Riley decided to "dress like Jimmy"  :)

We also were able to have dinner at my sister's house.  She has a lovely garden!

Hal came over for a visit, too!  Love you, Hal!

Jonny took us out on the boat, also!  So fun and beautiful weather!

Happy summertime!

Lake Billy Chinook

While we were out, we saw a wild fire that was started.

Riley and I

Leslie and Jimmy

Even Dad and Mom got out there...

I LOVE this picture!  So much happiness and love - exactly what I think of when I see my parents!  Love them!!

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