Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sushi Night, some 6th grade smiles, & Halloween

My roommate, Alex, planned a Sushi night at our apartment a couple of weeks ago.  I'm not normally a sushi gal, but this stuff was delicious!  and beautiful!!  Kelly, the Sushi Guru, brought over all of the necessary "stuff".  The plan was for us to learn how to roll sushi, but he talked us through how (while doing all of the work) and then let us eat it all!  :)  yummy!!!  Enjoy the beauty!

6th Grade art....too cute to keep a straight face!   These are from our "Food Chain" mobiles!  I love them!!

One of my students gave me this caramel apple and said, "I got this for you because it reminded me of you."  I then asked, "what part of this reminded you of me?" (not sure whether to be offended or not...)  She replied, "well, I guess the eyes...and the eyelashes!"  So funny!!

All of us girls decided to dress up "80s" - big hair, big make-up!  It was a fun night!  Hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!!

Miss you all!!
Happy Tuesday,


  1. Although artistically lovely, I don't think I'm sold on the sushi! As for your kids' artwork...I love it!!! And your caramel apple made me LAUGH OUT LOUD!!! So glad you got to carve your pumpkin. We were afraid they would be too expensive to fly in! :-) Looks like you must have had a great time dressing up as 80's girls! Wish we could get a closer look, but the photos won't enlarge. Thanks for the update!

  2. Your kids artwork would make really cute cards! The pumpkins are great! Your 80's party looked like lots of fun. Halloween is over...on to Thanksgiving and Christmas! Wow! That came fast!
    Love you Amber...Kit and Mary